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  • An historical tour in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Our day will begin at Rothschild-Herzl, the first street in Tel Aviv. We'll explore the city's vision and how it has evolved over time. Moving on, we'll visit Neve Tzedek and the railway park, where we'll stroll through the charming streets and learn about the neighborhood's history and the love stories that have taken place there. Next, we'll explore the colorful Florentine neighborhood, the youngest and most vibrant area in the city. Along the way, we'll make a brief stop at a beautiful church at the historic American Colony. Finally, we'll visit Jaffa, the archaeological-Egyptian, modern-Israeli beauty that gave birth to Tel Aviv. Our day will be filled with exciting stories, and we'll take breaks for meals and rest as needed. Most importantly, we'll feel at home in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv tour + Taxi drive + 4% credit card fee

1,534.00 ₪מחיר
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