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view of Tel Aviv from the sea

A tour of Tel Aviv in the past, present and future

outside. In small groups. according to the instructions.

Maayan Kitzony (me)


I'm kind of an extremist

The closures left me for miles for so long that a tour was created of them.

The entire tour is dedicated to the neighborhood, to the heart of Tel Aviv and as such it tells its past and present and includes wine and chocolate made by local businesses. Everything per kilometer of course :)

Guide and tour guide for 8 years.

 The tour lasts about an hour and a half and is one kilometer long

During the tour we will also talk  On the following topics ...


Heard about the Tel Aviv Zoo, which was located in the Righteous Among the Nations Square


We will talk about the graffiti war that is taking place in the middle of Rabin Square and no one noticed it


And of course we will tell about the Tel Aviv culture and how it started

Reviews of the tour

An extraordinary tour and experience, in an area we thought we knew everything about!
We were happy to be surprised by the stories and to enjoy the company and guidance.
Lovely spring! Interesting, fun, funny and full of stories.
Highly recommended!

water lily. That   Dubnov Street

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