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I am Kitzi, nice to meet .

My name is Maayan Kitzony, and since high school, I have been called Kitzi.


As a certified tour guide and Tel Aviv resident, I believe anyone can enjoy being a tourist, even in their own country, and that guided tours are an experience suitable for all ages, requiring only a pleasant atmosphere and interesting stories. And maybe a glass of wine to top it off. :)
My method involves seeking out the most impressive and beautiful places and interviewing anyone linked to them until I discover fascinating tales. We'll sample delicious food and get to know interesting people during the journey.

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After the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted my routine of guiding groups and tourists in Masada and the Dead Sea, I knew I had to pivot. So I turned my attention to my hometown of Tel Aviv. I spent every spare moment exploring, learning, and hiking in the city, developing expertise that eventually led me to become a professional Tel-Avivian tour guide.

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Over the last decade, I have led families and youth groups on walks, nature trails, and trips. I hold a bachelor's degree in archeology and Middle Eastern history. I enjoy meeting new people and tailoring tours to meet their unique interests and requirements. Prior to the tour, I assess the group's nature and preferences to ensure the most appropriate and enjoyable experience for all.

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