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Image by Yoav Aziz

 Tel Aviv

Explore the history and mysterious wonders of Tel Aviv,  "the New York of the Middle East". Take an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking and unexpected locations. Don't pass up on this incomparable opportunity.

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Jaffa is a fascinating city with a rich history and intriguing paranormal tales. It's a great destination for anyone interested in culture, history, or unique travel experiences.

Tel Aviv's markets

Israeli cuisine is undeniably world-class, and a visit to Tel Aviv's markets to sample its diverse flavors is an experience not to be missed. Each taste is intricately woven with a fascinating backstory, offering a unique insight into history through the senses of taste and digestion.

woman standing next to a wall

Tel-Avivian art

Explore different continents, cultures, and all the diverse offerings of Tel Aviv. Take a leisurely walk through stunning galleries, where you may be pleasantly surprised to meet talented artists. Discover hidden gems and learn about the vibrant art scene in the courtyard of the most modern Israeli city.

Image by Shalev Cohen
"It was amazing.
she was on fire.
She flowed with us in whatever direction we asked her questions, she was charming and pleasant.
Explains precisely how deeply she felt we wanted to hear - neither dug nor skimped on the information.
We had a blast, and everyone complimented her."

Kobi, Neve Shanan Culinary Tour

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